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AlphaStim for Pain & Anxiety Therapy This device provided significant improvement of 93% in 1,949 pain patients who used Alpha-Stim for a minimum of three weeks. Most of these people failed to get results from previous therapies or they would never have acquired an Alpha-Stim in the first place.  The Alpha-Stim is also a lot more cost effective than almost any other treatment for pain and stress-related disorders. Once the device is purchased it costs very little to use. Most drugs cost more than an Alpha-Stim after just a few months.  It eases the brain into a relaxing brain-wave pattern that removes anxiety and greatly reduces pain.

American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine This is the site that will help you keep from feeling old.  Plenty of information on bioidentical hormone replacement and other ways to maintain the vigor of youth.  HGH works!  Insurance doesn't cover that or detoxification protocols with EDTA chelation etc.  Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men & Women, thyroid supplementation, Mesotherapy all have a positive impact on aging. This site will help let you know what is available.  We offer most of these modalities.


American Academy of Family Physicians A great site with an awesome search engine to learn more about what you want to know. 


American College for the Advancement of Medicine This is a premier site for complementary and alternative medicine.  There is a wealth of information concerning chelation to remove heavy metals and other detoxification protocols.


Better Health USA This is a link that is associated with ImmunoLabs and their Allergy & Food Sensitivity testing, but there's a WEALTH of information at this site that I highly recommend!

Brain Training/EEG Neural Feedback This is a novel method of treating a variety of disorders; ADD/ADHD, Extreme stress, Attention disorders, Anxiety, Depression, Learning Disabilities or Cognitive Problems, Difficult to control anger, emotions, rage, PTSD/(Post traumatic stress), Traumatic events, Addiction, Autism, Aspergers, or Developmental Delays, "Can't turn off your mind".  It involves drug-free treatment by learning to re-train your brain to function better.


Defeat Autism Now This is a link to the official site of the DAN protocol used to treat autism spectrum disorders


Doctor Yourself This is a great site for information about using nutritional support, vitamins (especially the virtues of Vitamin C) to help specific problems as well as general nutritional information.  Great search engine also, I give it 5 starts!


Famly Doctor Information A great source of handouts for patient education to give you a brief overview of what you need to know on a large variety of subjects.  Information available in English & en espanol


Genova Diagnostic Labs Genova Diagnostics, formerly Great Smokies Diagnostic Labs offers cutting edge testing for a variety of conditions.   Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Immunology, Metabolic & Nutritional Testing.  This lab offers testing not done by any of the "standard" medical reference labs, it's the definitive source for Complementary & Alternative Medical Lab testing.


Google Scholar If the AAFP site's search engine can't find the obscure informration that you desire, this is the site the doctors use to look things up.


ImmunoLab Food Sensitivity Testing Everybody has heard of IgE Food Allergies that can cause anaphylaxis and death.  There are a variety of foods that can trigger an IgG-mediated reaction that takes up to 5 days to show up.  These can cause all types of chronic inflammatory and other problems but be virtually impossible to figure out with an "elimination diet".  Migraines, Asthma, abdominal, skin, respiratory and many other organ systems/complaints can ensue.  This lab will identify the source of dietary problems.  Frequently those suffering will mention that these are foods that are frequently eaten, once removed or reduced in the diet symptoms tend to resolve rapidly


Mesotherapy Overview This site provides information and links on Mesotherapy which can be used for cosmetic purposes, body sculpting, promoting weight loss and a variety of other therapies.  Less invasive than liposuction with a faster recovery time.


Neurorelief Neurotransmitters are the chemical messengers that go from one nerve cell to another.  They're made from specific amino acids.  Lab tests can detect abnormalities in the urine amino acid profile that can be corrected with supplements to help a variety of emotional, mental, behavioral and nervous disorders.  This link gives further information.


NutritionWise Your Local Health Solutions Store They have a complete line of not only vitamins and supplements but also carry homeopathic remedies with clinical nutritionists to guide you to what you need.   A wide selection of special dietary health foods and organic products such as gluten free, dairy free, salt free and others are available A very knowledgeable staff and wealth of information is available on their website and in their store, stop by and say hi!


Plaquex For blocked arteries and vascular problems.  The endothelial surface/lining of the blood vessels can also be "resurfaced" to help get rid of plaque and blockages with intravenous phosphatidyl choline.  This treatment can help folks who have had inadequate results with EDTA chelation IV therapy.


Revolution Health Interactive website that has a variety of sources of further information, blogs etc.


SpectraCell Laboratories Nutrition is important, as everybody knows.   Vitamins are helpful too, but what vitamins do you need?  Analysis of the contents of blood cells can be done to give an exact profile of your intracellular ("where the action is") status.  This test can let you know specifically what YOU need to take to improve your health status and correct any deficiencies.


Suboxone/Subutex for Opiate Addiction We treat addiction very successfully.  Buprenorphine is the generic name for opiate addiction therapy that is much superior to Methadone therapy.  Use of this drug requires a separate DEA Number that few Doctors have gone to the extra education, trouble and expense to pursue.  We also have success with addictions to alcohol, cocaine, benzodiazepines, pot and other substances and behaviors



Toxic Black Mold Protocol & VCS Testing/Chronic Neurotoxins

Ritchie Shoemaker MD’s protocol and testing for treating chronic mycotoxicosis which involves removing the fungus infection, followed by removal of the effects of the toxins that the fungus has been producing; purging the body of the toxins.  General support for healing and recovery is also incorporated.


Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy This is the largest ever alternative medicine trial sponsored by the National Institute of Health, running through 2008.  Dr Oenbrink is one of about 100 research sites nationwide for this trial.  To be involved in this trial gets you up to $4000.00 of free therapy courtesy of the NIH.  Candidates must be over 50 years old,  nonsmokers, normal kidney function and a history of heart attack, stent placement, open heart surgery or >50% artery narrowing on cardiac catheterization.  Call for an free appointment if you think you qualify!


Addiction Resource,  raises awareness on the dangers of addiction and helps local communities stay drug-free ( and the American Society of Addiction Medicine, who also promotes drug abuse prevention and treatment.

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